Project One

Creative Brief


Cropped image from La Fete de la Musique poster (2009), This poster by french graphic designer Fanette Meillier, advertises a yearly worldwide musical event with a playful jumble of notes-an allusion to the fact that many of the performers at this popular festival are amateurs rather than professionals. click this link to view full poster

Design a poster for an upcoming exhibition of a famous fine art photographer of your choosing.

The goal of your poster is to thematically translate the style of the photographs through a typography based poster.  Your solutions should be primarily typography based, however you may incorporate a limited amount of other non-typographic elements such as, texture, geometric shapes, gradients, etc. You may not however use any easily recognizable photographic imagery (i.e. you may use subtle photographic textures to add depth, dimension, or complexity to your solution) .


  • Explore the expression of meaning through typographic form.
  • Explore the subjective nature of typographic expression and artistic interpretation.
  • Develop critical thinking skills as a means of of analysis, talking about, and making design.
  • Understand the relationship of audience, design choices, and communication performance goals including considering how a poster functions in the public domain.


  • Include a title for your exhibition.
  • Place / date of exhibition.
  • Name of Photographer.
  • Final poster size is 17 x 22.

Do this first:

  • Read pages 1-67 in Typography Referenced ( Introduction, Type History & Timeline, Type Design & Development, Type Classification & Identification )
  • Research several different photographers.
  • Choose two finalists
  • Brainstorm and sketch two different concepts for each photographer in your stench book. ( Due Jan 23th @ the beginning of class )
  • Choose your photographer
  • Research type faces!
  • Do Exhibition Tittle exercise.
  • Research more type faces!
  • Choose at least three fonts from the major categories Serif, Sans Serif, and Display in the suitcase fusion database.
  • Choose at least 10 from various free font sites, as well as type foundries. Do I smell a font squirrel?
  • Experiment with hand lettering (If you need some inspiration Jessica Hische is a good place to start )

Exhibition Title exercise.

Step 1.

Brainstorm interesting descriptive words that are representative of the photographers overall body of work. Make a list of all of the words you can come up with ( minimum amount 10 ).

Step 2.

Brainstorm a list of words that describe how viewing the photographers work makes you feel ( minimum amount 10 ).

Step 3.

Choose your two favorite words form each list.

Step 4.

Take each of your final four words and use them as the basis for an exhibition title. You may use the word as is or use it as part of a sentence.

Step 5.

Choose your final exhibition title, begin applying typefaces found during your research process.


Due: Thursday September 21st:

Present all of your initial brainstorming and research to the class through an informal presentation on the class projector. You may use any format of your choosing. All presentations should be ready by the beginning of class. Based on class and instructor feedback choose a final direction. The quality and completeness of material presented will factor into your final grade.

Final Due Date: February 18th.

All posters due printed at the beginning of class for in-class critique session. Come to class ready to discuss work. Feel free to bring coffee / snacks. Dress formally as if meeting with the client. Remember that critique participation / performance factor into your final grade.

Recommended Photographers

Click on the links bellow to view google search results

Andreas Gursky

Adam Fuss

Albert Watson

Ami Vitale

Andrew Zuckerman

Arno Rafael Minkkinen

Art Wolfe

Chuck Close

David Doubilet

David Goldblatt

David LaChapelle

David Lynch

Duane Michals

Edward Burtynsky

Elliott Erwitt

Ernesto Bazan

Erwin Olaf

Fazal Sheikh

Fulvio Bonavia

Gregory Crewdson

Guido Mocafico

Howard Schatz

James Mollison

Jill Greenberg

Joel Meyerowitz

Joyce Tenneson

Jurgen Schadeberg

Lauren Greenfield

Loretta Lux

Mark Seliger

Mary Ellen Mark

Massimo Vitali

Michael Kenna

Michael Light

Mitch Epstein

Nadav Kander

Oliviero Toscani

Peggy Sirota

Phillip Toledano

Pieter Hugo


Ralph Gibson

Ron van Dongen

Stephen Shore

Steve Bloom

Steve Pyke

Tim Flach

Tim Walker

Victor Schrager

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