Project Two

Your task for project 2 is to visualize  the data you have generated by recording a day in your life. The format of the project is up to you, you may print it any size and use any construction / presentation method of your choosing. It could be a book, a poster, or even a webpage. Also you are not limited to one day, you may use data from the course of several days, or the span of a week.  The first step is to organize and categorize your data, then think of ways you can group it together. Your graphic solutions should address time and percentages. Also think about ways to describe the different types of activities you completed through out the day, are they things your consider to be positive or negative? Are they things you enjoy, or are they things you simply must do?

1.  Tuesday October 8th:

Start by sketching out ways to visualize your data, you’ve all-ready got one so try expanding the data into different formats.

2.  Thursday October 10th:

Next work on creating some color palates (2-3) and test out different type faces (5-10)

4.  Thursday October 17th:

In Illustrator do an initial build out of your two strongest sketches, each with a different look and feel.

Choose one direction and print out, due at the beginning of class. Informal pre-crit during class session.

Tuesday November 5th: Final due date!

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