Infographic – Kelsey Knight

Coral Bleaching

  • Caused by changes in condition: temperature, light, nutrients
  • Coral lives in nutrient-poor waters which makes them more vulnerable to changes
  • Corals receive their color from the zooxanthellae that live within the tissue.
  • When these changes occur, the algae and zooxanthellae leave, and if they do not come back, the coral dies
  • Climate change has been named as the leading cause of coral bleaching, as well as ocean acidification
  • Human activities are also impacting coral bleaching: land-based sources, oil spills, sunscreen


  • Designer: Giambattista Bodoni
  • Time: 1798
  • Type: Serif (Didone modern)
  • Unbracketed serifs and geometric styling makes it a very popular font
  • It was mainly used for title fonts and logos
  • Bodoni went more extreme than increased stroke contrast, more vertical, with slightly condensed upper-case letters
  • Inspired by Baskerville, Pierre Simon Fournier and Firmin Didiot (French type designers)
  • There are many versions and revivals of this typeface
  • Today, Bodoni is used by Vogue Magazine

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