Assignment 2

Word grouping type experiments.

For this assignment you will be choosing four descriptive words  that go together, such as:

  • Fast, Slow, Stop, Go
  • Run, Walk, Sit, Jog
  • Hue, Saturation, Chroma, Value

You will be creating a series of four individual peices. Each piece should thematically translate one of your chosen words. Your solutions should be primarily typography based, however you may incorporate a limited amount of other non-typographic elements such as, texture, geometric shapes, gradients, etc.

Your four piece should work together as a series, but each piece should work as a stand alone piece.

Use Illustrator to complete this assignment and work in an 6” x 6” format. When you are ready to post your design to this blog use Illustrator’s  “Save for web” function, set the width of your image to be 788 pixels. 788 px  is the max width for posts on this blog so your work will look best if you do so, and height does not matter.  Also make sure I can clearly tell who you are, especially if your WordPress username is something other than your first and last name. Lastly create a featured image the include a cropping of all 4 four of your images.

This project is due: Tuesday, February 4th at 1:00pm.

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