In case you were wondering

Many of you have probably found yourself pondering the question, what exactly is an anatomy type specimen? If my brief explanation in class left you wonder what the heck I was talking about I will attempt to make it more clear in this post.

So what is it? well….

Since it’s 2014 and your all Graphic Design college students the first place you probably looked was google.


Well if you clicked on any of the first few links you saw this:


So yah, that’s like not helpful at all. If your an industrious design student you may have clicked on the images link and stumbled upon some of these:


If your anything like me, your first thoughts were probably something like, “Wow, thats epic!” and “I guess you really can find anything on the internet.” However in case your wondering, this is not what I’m looking for.

Now for the answer

Basically Anatomy type specimen is a combination of two terms, that I came up with for this assignment.

1. Type Anatomy Illustration or Digram:

(see examples bellow )

The key here is it illustrates the terms that describe the parts of the letterforms.

type-anatomy-2 type-anatomy-4 type-anatomy-1

2. Type Specimens

Type Specimens are usually created to showcase a font. Although their format varies widely they are usually created on a strait grid and showcase the different aspects of the typeface. Special care is usually taken to showcase the beauty of the typeface. (See examples bellow )

So what I’m looking for is some sort of hybrid between these two things.

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