Assignment One

Ready, Set, Go

This is the first thing you have to do

Step 1.

Become an author on this blog, so you can post things here ( you will be posting homework assignments here, and for that matter anything ells you find that is cool and related to typography ). To accomplish this first step, you will need to send me the email or user name associated with your word-press account. Then I will invite you to be an author on the blog,. Then you have to accept my invitation, once your in you wreak all kinds of havoc.

Step 2.

Create an anatomy type specimen. Your type specimen must contain all of the following elements:

  • Your name
  • At least three words total but no more than five
  • At least one ligature

Beyond that it is up to you, I am looking for creative solutions. It does not have to look  like the example on Thinking With Type, but it does need to effectively communicate the same information.


Use Illustrator to complete this assignment and work in an 8” x 6” format. When you are ready to post your design to this blog use Illustrator’s  “Save for web” function, set the width of your image to be 788 pixels. 788 px  is the max width for posts on this blog so your work will look best if you do so, and height does not matter.  Also make sure I can clearly tell who you are, especially if your WordPress username is something other than your first and last name.

This project is due: Tuesday,  January  28th at 9:00am.

I will be looking forward to viewing them during my office hour before class.

See screen shots bellow for visual aids on final steps

step2 step3

Sample image posted at correct width size, height does not matter.

( incase your wondering, no it doesn’t make sense but it’s pretty )


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